Case Studies of the Many Barriers Facing Poor Children

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The Cincinnati Enquirer recently published a glimpse into the lives of children born into poverty and the many barriers they must overcome. As a compassionate society we must continue to provide a safe haven, food security, positive adult mentors and support for children who must fight against incredible difficulties. Please read this report and honor […]

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Volunteers help CCH bring new asset to the neighborhood

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1251 Bryden Road was built as a family home in 1891 in Olde Towne East, then a new popular street car neighborhood for Columbus’ growing well-to-do population. As time went on, the freeway system cut through the downtown neighborhoods and the wealthy left for suburbs sending the area into a long era of disinvestment and […]

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The Facts: Earning enough to make ends meet

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The Facts:  More than one-in-three residents of Franklin County struggles to meet basic living expenses without assistance. Working at minimum wage, a single parent of one child would have to work more than 100 hours a week in order to achieve minimum household sufficiency.   Our Response: The CCH  Computer Lab, Financial Fresh Start and […]

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Jackie Calderone and Transit Arts, WOSU American Graduate Champions

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Click on the link to view a feature on Transit Arts for WOSU’s American Graduate Champion series.  

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The Facts: Hunger & Food Insecurity

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The Facts: In Ohio more than 20% of children experience food insecurity. In Columbus more than 100,000 individuals rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps).  By the third grade, children who were food insecure in Kindergarten had been found to have an average of 13% drop in math and reading scores. CCH Response: […]

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