The Facts: Earning enough to make ends meet

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The Facts:¬† More than one-in-three residents of Franklin County struggles to meet basic living expenses without assistance. Working at minimum wage, a single parent of one child would have to work more than 100 hours a week in order to achieve minimum household sufficiency.   Our Response: The CCH ¬†Computer Lab, Financial Fresh Start and [...]

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Jackie Calderone and Transit Arts, WOSU American Graduate Champions

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Click on the link to view a feature on Transit Arts for WOSU’s American Graduate Champion series.  

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The Facts: Hunger & Food Insecurity

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The Facts: In Ohio more than 20% of children experience food insecurity. In Columbus more than 100,000 individuals rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps).  By the third grade, children who were food insecure in Kindergarten had been found to have an average of 13% drop in math and reading scores. CCH Response: [...]

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The Facts: Crime & Violence

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The Facts: 70% of all those admitted to the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center are African-American youth, even though just 25% of county youth ages 10-17 are African-American. In the U.S. the top three causes of death for those ages 15-24 are accidents, homicides and suicides. In 2013, our service area averaged one homicide every [...]

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The Facts: Education & Mentorship Needs

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The Facts: More than 50% of preschool children from low-income households are not ready for Kindergarten, compared to just 24% of children from moderate-income households. In Columbus, 39% of third-graders cannot pass a reading proficiency test and the failure rate is four times higher for economically disadvantaged children. The High School Graduation Rate in our [...]

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