The Facts:

70% of all those admitted to the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center are African-American youth, even though just 25% of county youth ages 10-17 are African-American. In the U.S. the top three causes of death for those ages 15-24 are accidents, homicides and suicides. In 2013, our service area averaged one homicide every month.

The CCH Response:

Transit Arts captures young people with vibrant creative opportunities that provides a positive, productive path and an alternative to destructive lifestyles too often prevalent in their urban environments. The Community Organizing program fosters the power of the people to combat neighborhood blight and crime at the grassroots level. Family strengthening and basic needs assistance programs prevent child abuse and neglect and can help people to break the cycle of generational poverty. Read more about our programs.

Donations from people like you ensure that Central Community House is a force for peace and change in our neighborhood. Please give online today!

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