Central Community House’s senior programming provides a chance for the older adults in our community to have fun, stay healthy and sustain connections to the community.  To find out more, go the Village Central (www.villagecentralcolumbus.org) web site, dedicated to our senior programs.

Maintaining Independence – programming helps seniors remain in their own homes.

  • Peers provide support during illnesses or while grieving.
  • Professional staff connect seniors to needed services, both through enrollment support and follow-ups.
  • Participants have access to a phone tree and directory, so no member is ever left alone or uninformed.
  • By being a program within a Settlement House, seniors receive the support of a comprehensive community center.

Promoting Health

  • Health professionals are invited to speak and offer health and wellness services 
  • Members have access to information about, and transportation to, major health fairs, programs and senior living.
  • Group outings include those to grocery stores, thrift stores, and other venues, provides access to reliable transportation and companionship when running errands… keeping seniors safely connected to needed services.

 Having Fun — programming keeps seniors active and provides opportunities to meet friends! 

  • At weekly meetings, seniors play games including bingo, cards, dominoes and more.
  • The senior group goes on outings to museums, shows, baseball games, shopping and fairs/festival.
  • Members take day trips and tours to cities throughout Ohio. Overnight trips throughout the country are also offered.
  • Participants enjoy birthday parties, holiday dinners, an annual picnic and other special events throughout the year.
  • Fun activities are scheduled each month. Many are offered for free, and others for a greatly reduced cost. Most include transportation and meals or snacks. 

    Giving Back

  • Seniors participates in intergenerational projects with youth throughout Central Community House afterschool programs. 
  • Talents are shared with the community in a variety of ways, including crafts, dance, music, and more.