Our Mission
The mission of CCH is to empower people to reach their full potential, be self supporting, and live cooperatively with all others.

Our Philosophy
We respect the worth and dignity of all people.
We believe that all human beings have value and that each person is a unique individual who deserves the opportunity to live a fruitful and meaningful life, free from fear, and where basic needs of shelter, food, and health are met. We welcome diversity of age, sex, background and belief rather than seeing these differences as barriers to respect and understanding. We recognize the humanity of all even when we do not agree with their attitudes and actions.

We believe in inclusiveness and social justice. We believe that all people have a right to benefit from our society and to enjoy its freedoms. With these rights comes the responsibility to participate in the society, to protect the vulnerable, and aid those in need. We believe that freedom and responsibility are inseparable; if we claim freedom we must also accept responsibility. We are never just an individual, but are always part of the community.

We respect pluralism and diversity. We celebrate the richness of difference that is our shared human heritage. We believe our lives are enriched by knowing and sharing cultures and our different stories. We recognize that the loss of diversity impoverishes us all, and that when one group forces its beliefs on others we are all threatened. We believe that attitudes of “tolerance” and “separation” encourage misunderstandings and ignorance that weaken the fabric of a rich and dynamic society.

We believe in honesty and integrity. We believe that only by openly staying true to our beliefs can we gain the trust and respect of others, and the self-respect that anchors our own lives. At the same time we recognize that people can have honest differences of belief and opinion. We are not afraid of the struggle that comes from conflicting ideas, but recognize this as an opportunity to grow as individuals and as a society in our effort to solve shared problems.

We believe we are accountable to other people and need to keep their trust. We accept that our actions have consequences, and that only by communicating and interacting can we lessen misunderstandings and conflicts, and that only by respecting and being able to rely on each other can we achieve our goals. We recognize that we must be responsive, open to change, and that responsible action sometimes involves risk. We know that by being fair and responsible we earn the respect of others.

We are committed to strive for excellence. We believe we benefit personally, and as a society, when we extend our abilities, and our efforts lead to positive results. We value growth and improvement without demanding perfection.

We believe we are stewards of resources. We believe that we have the responsibility to take care of the riches and wonders of this earth that is our home, and that it is our duty to nurture and protect the physical and spiritual potential of our planet and its people, so that future generations of our children can live and enjoy their lives in beauty and free from want. We welcome people’s gifts of talent, knowledge, commitment and resources, and work to channel those gifts to meet the needs and goals of the community.

We believe in community. We believe that by sharing our strengths and limitations we build a society in which we care for needs and realize our potential. Through the act of sharing both joys and sorrows we create a community that extends from our house to the wider world. We believe it is our duty to build a community enriched by culture and art, responsive to needs and concerns, and offering help, support and opportunity to all who come. We believe all can contribute and we encourage all to give.